Pneumatic Actuator Approaches Zero Friction


Airpot Corp. announces the Airpel Plus, their newest line of high performance, low friction air cylinder actuators. The benefit engineers derive from the low friction levels the Airpel Plus exhibits is an enhanced ability to control ultra-precise movements, including high speeds and extremely short travel distances with clean, long-life pneumatic devices. The inert qualities and tight tolerances of the glass and graphite materials used allow engineers to develop systems that will move, hold, or press accurately and with amazing repeatability. Applications such as filament & wire tensioning, positioning and manipulating optics, liquids, or other delicate devices, and measuring weight, creep or tensile strength in the semiconductor, electronics, medical, metrology, test & measurement and, laboratory diagnostics industries will benefit from the unique capabilities offered by Airpel Plus.

 Airpot Corp’s time tested borosilicate glass cylinder and graphite piston technology used in the standard Airpel is at the core of the new line. However, Airpot has adapted the piston configuration from their frictionless Airpel-AB Air Bearing Actuators to create, in the Airpel Plus, a product that approaches the zero friction of the -AB at a price closer to the low cost of the Airpel. This price/performance combination expands the possible uses in applications that demand accurate force control and moderate pricing. Airpel Plus maximum friction levels are approximately 0.5% of load and their operating temperature range is -55c-150c. Airpel Plus models are currently available in 4 standard configurations as single acting extension models with identical metric sizes, threads, mounts, and strokes as the Airpel- AB. Bore diameter choices of 9, 16, 24 and 32 mm are offered. Double acting configurations are not standard but available after consultation with Airpot engineering.


  • low friction levels
  • control ultra-precise movements
  • tight tolerances
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