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  • PneuMoment™ Pneumatic Actuators provide smooth, guided, non-rotational motion for carrying higher loads.
  • The PneuMoment™ is rated to 150 psi operating pressure.  It uses eight flat bearings to support the load beam.  These bearings ride on hard anodized, PTFE-impregnated surfaces to allow the PneuMoment™ to carry heavy loads and large moments.  Depending on the bore size, stroke length and actuation speed, the PneuMoment™ can support side loads as heavy as 800 lbs, or support moment loads of over 7000 inch-lbs.
  • Guide beam end cap ports transmit air or vacuum through the actuator from the guide beam end cap to connect additional automation devices such as grippers.
  • Optional magnetic piston is available for use with Bimba's position sensing switches. Adjustable cushions are available for smooth end of stroke deceleration.  Internal or external bumpers are available to absorb shock, reduce noise or adjust stroke length.
  • Four bore sizes available: 1-1/16", 1-1/2", 2" and 2-1/2" and standard stroke lengths available from 1" up to 6", with a maximum stroke lengths as much as 30".
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