Pneumatic Assembly Tool System Has Built-In Quality Control


A new series of pneumatic tools tackles numerous assembly functions with both bench-mounted and hand-held models. Operating on 85 to 95 psi, the lightweight tools are easily moved allowing rapid adjustment of assembly lines for optimum production. Set up time is minimized with jaws that can be changed over from product to product in less than a minute. The power unit is a force-multiplying air cylinder capable of delivering over 4000 lbs of thrust to the cam-operated jaws. Circuitry in the foot operated control box includes a unique pressure sensing valve that can be adjusted for various jaw closing forces. Extremely accurate, it provides automatic quality control by sensing the working air pressure. If supply should fall below the working pressure, the tool will not produce enough force to finish the work, stalling mid-stroke. When supply pressure is restored, the tool finishes the stroke, building up sensing pressure and completing the cycle. The product, never having been released from the jaws, is finished as a good assembly as the cycle continues to completion. Applications include: crimping plastic plumbing elements • splicing wire rope and cable assemblies • crimping electrical terminals • swaging mechanical fasteners • staking, punching, piercing and flaring subassembly components • clamping and holding as well as a wide variety of custom applications
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