Pneumatic Impact Wrench


CS Unitec’s Model 6 1316 0050 explosion-proof, pneumatic impact wrench is suitable for zones with the potential for flammable gas, mist, vapor or dust. This tool is ATEX certified Ex II 2 GcT6 for use in these hazardous atmospheres, making it safer for applications in the oil, gas, chemical, mining, marine and other industries. 

With high torque and an optimal power-to-weight ratio, the Model 6 1316 0050 impact wrench offers a hard tightening torque of 995 ft-lbs. Designed with a 3/4” square drive, it is ideal for tightening and removing bolts and screws up to 1-1/8” (M30). A full line of non-sparking copper-beryllium impact sockets is also available. 


  • explosion-proof
  • high torque
  • optimal power-to-weight ratio

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