Pneumatic Mini Slide


The DGSL from Festo Corporation is designed as an ultra-precise slide for positioning or as an easy pick and place system. The main design element to this precision slide is the use of an integrated bearing system with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and linearity and parallelism in the 1/100 mm range.

Available in eight sizes from 4 to 20 mm diameter and with strokes up to 200 mm, the mini slide covers a wide range of applications.  It is ideally suited for the electronics industry where minute parts need to be handled with utmost precision and where space may be restricted.

The  optional clamping unit and the end-position interlock prevents undesired lowering of loads onto work piece carriers in the case of compressed air supply failure and provides protection in emergency stop situations.

Another advantage of the easy-to-install mini slide is that it offers three different end stop systems (shock-absorber, cushioned metal stops or polymer stops) providing the best solution for every application for technical features and cost-effectiveness.


• Size - 4 ... 25 • Stroke length [mm] - 10 ... 200 • Force [N] - 17 ... 483 • Repetition accuracy [mm] - P1/Y3: ±0.01 P: 0.3 • End position [mm] - Metallic: ± 0.01, Rubber: Approx. 0.3 • Linearity (stroke 50 mm) [mm] - 0.02 • Parallelism (stroke 50 mm) [mm] - 0.04 • Parallelism (stroke 50 mm) [mm] - 0.04 • Max. operating pressure [bar] - 8 • Ambient temperature [°C] - 0 ... +60
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