Pneumatic Push-in Fitting


Series QR1 fittings from Rexroth Pneumatics are a light-weight, polymer design suitable for all Rexroth pneumatic products such as valves and cylinders. The push-to-connect style fittings have an oval release ring with an enlarged surface area for quick, easy release of pneumatic tubing. Other features include: standard nickel-plated brass threads, inch or metric (ISO G) versions, Teflon thread sealant standard on NPT versions and a stainless steel internal locking ring. 

The comprehensive line of QR1 fittings consist of the Mini design for plastic tubing ODs of 1/8” to 1/4” and 3-6 mm, and the Standard design for tubing ODs of 5/32” to 1/2" and 4-16 mm. Products such as check, ball and flow control valves are also included in the range of function fittings. Not only can you get a free sample of a QR1 fitting (you can choose between an inch or a metric version), but also a free QR1 fittings poster if you would like.  Both offers are available online by visiting:

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