Polyethylene Foam-Tape Reduces OEM Costs, Targeted For Use In Mounting, Fastening, Sealing


ADDISON, IL, April 25, 2006 – Pres-On Products, a leading supplier of industrial tapes and gaskets, has expanded its Pres-Mount™ line of polyethylene tapes to include three foam-tape solutions designed for countless OEM tasks including mounting, fastening, sealing, joining, splicing, cushioning and insulation.

Strong enough to bond metal, paper, paint and most plastics, long-lasting Pres-Mount tapes are offered in these versions:

· P-3200/P-3300: a double-coated polyethylene foam-tape resistant up to 200° F, and providing instant adhesive to securely mount and fasten lightweight parts, thus eliminating time-consuming screws and messy adhesives.

· PF1400: an economical low-density, closed cell foam-tape coated on one side with a high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive, protected by a release liner. Its tough structure, long-term sealing integrity and abrasion-resistance makes this tape ideal for insulation, sealing, sound dampening, and cushioning.

· PF1600: a crosslinked polyethylene co-polymer foam tape formulated for high resistance and flexibility. Excellent for mounting and bonding irregular surfaces, molded and extruded plastics, hardware, signs, mirrors and more.

Founded in 1949, Pres-On is a leading manufacturer of adhesive coating, coated foam tape, mounting substrates, gaskets and cap liners serving customers worldwide in the industrial and consumer markets.


• PF1600 densities (pcf) - 2.0 lbs • Tensile Strength (PSI) – 44 • Elongation (% to break) – 150 • Tear Resistance (lb/in) – 13 • Compression Strength – 7 • Compression Set – 22 • Thermal Stability - <6 • Thermal Conductivity - .27 • Working Temperature Range - 70°F - 175°F • Water Absorption (lb/sq ft/°F) - <.06 • Flammability (MVSS302) - Pass
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