Popular H1 Hydrostatic Pump Family


Sauer-Danfoss has announced the release of its new H1 115/130cc pump, a popular size that joins the successful line of H1 pumps. The H1 pump family was introduced in 2005, and continued to grow through 2007 with the H1 45/53cc single pump and the 78cc single pump. The release demonstrates Sauer-Danfoss’ continued commitment to fill the demand for electric-actuated pumps that maximize hydraulic system efficiency and add value to machine operating performance across a broad field of mobile machinery. The H1 family of closed-circuit variable displacement axial piston pumps is compact and features high power density, resulting in ease of installation and increased design flexibility. All the units utilize an integral electro-hydraulic servo piston assembly that controls rate and direction of hydraulic flow. H1 pumps can be used with other Sauer-Danfoss pumps and motors in the hydraulic system. “This new generation of H1 pumps will be a popular size for many hydrostatic applications,” says Randy Rodgers, Sauer-Danfoss Product Portfolio Manager. “The H1 family of pumps offers the OEM a number of advantages including an increased selection of displacement and product design life, and opportunities to improve vehicle maintenance and operating costs,” says Rodgers. “The interface of the electric hydraulic control is the future of mobile machinery,” added Rodgers. “The H1 pumps are built to support next generation engines as the industry moves toward Tier 4 emission controls. They are fully PLUS+1™ Compliant to interface seamlessly with Sauer-Danfoss’ electronic machine control architecture. H1 pumps offer the right displacement, right load life and the right value for the OEM’s machine investment,” says Rodgers. Efficient, Versatile Applications The H1 family is designed for high and medium power mobile machinery that demands steady, instant propulsion and precise control. “H1 pumps are designed for smaller package sizes with a significant reduction in the length of the units, giving design engineers more freedom and flexibility in design,” says Rodgers. H1 hydraulic systems maximize power and conserve energy for complex applications with high productivity demands for many off-highway industries, including agriculture, construction, road building, material handling, forestry and turf care. H1 complements complete systems for harvesters, telehandlers, road rollers, crawlers, skid steer loaders and others. Sauer-Danfoss H1 pumps deliver OEMs hydraulic solutions that streamline design and production time – in a package readily adaptable to multiple applications. Common design technology and assembly throughout the H1 family enables OEMs to get to market faster. OEMs also improve the productivity and performance of their equipment. “By making hydraulic components more efficient, such as reducing unit power loss in pumps, we are in effect restoring some machine efficiency and, in many cases, improving overall performance by maximizing the transmission performance without compromise,” says Rodgers. Global Commitment to High Quality H1 pumps represent Sauer-Danfoss leading technology and long-term commitment to the design and manufacture of engineered hydraulic, electric and electronic systems and components for mobile equipment. OEMs mitigate risk with Sauer-Danfoss H1 pumps that assure longer life and less frequent maintenance. Up-front, after-sale and international technical support provides on-demand service and multinational knowledge of global regulatory variations.
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