Poron ShockSeal Foam


As the demand for thinner, larger and more expensive LCD displays continues to grow, designers and manufacturers face new challenges with these increasingly complex technologies. Rogers Corporation’s newest offering - PORON® ShockSeal foams - are specifically engineered to meet the challenging cushioning, sealing and protection requirements that larger displays demand.

PORON ShockSeal foam is available as thin as 0.5 mm, and conveniently conforms to some of the smallest and most intricate manufacturing designs.
Dropped cell phones, falling netbooks and PDA’s knocked off of desks are just some of the everyday perils of working with handheld devices. PORON materials have always helped safeguard these devices, and now the PORON ShockSeal series offers even greater impact protection for sensitive applications. PORON ShockSeal Foam reduces impact force by more than four times that of competitive materials.
PORON ShockSeal foams have the same excellent compression set resistance as other PORON offerings and essentially the same outstanding compressibility as the PORON 92 formulation. This allows them to maintain spring forces over time and effectively seal out dust and other harmful particles. When high compressibility, excellent impact protection and extreme performance is in demand, designers and engineers turn to PORON ShockSeal materials for all of their handheld electronics needs.


  • available as thin as 0.5 mm,
  • conveniently conforms to some of the smallest and most intricate manufacturing designs
  • excellent compression set resistance
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