Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper


Designed for portability and weighing only two pounds (910 grams), Eraser's Model 824 Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper is battery operated and can be used to strip coaxial cables, including RGU, semi-rigid, plenum, heliax and more. Model 824 can also process semi-rigid cable up to.141 inches OD (3.5mmø) easily. The standard battery pack provides approximately two hundred strips per charge. The unit comes with carrying case, charger and adapter cord.


• Cable Diameters Maximum: 0.430" (10.9mm) larger diameter available as custom • Minimum: 0.030" (0.76mm) • Maximum Strip Length :0.965" (24.5mm) standard, longer lengths available as custom. • Minimum Strip Length :0.050" (1.27mm) dependent on material, diameter and construction. • Power :Standard battery pack, 220/230V European charger, DC cigarette lighter charger cord
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