Portable Eddy Current Testing Instruments


UniWest has announced the launch of the EddyViewT family of three new portable eddy current testing instruments.  The line of new instruments, Prime, Pro and Premium, is designed to match the technical functionality and price of EC instruments from the most basic to the most sophisticated. All three of the new instruments are built on the same high signal to low noise technology platform that has made the UniWest name synonymous with high quality and ease of use in non destructive testing. And all of these instruments are off-the-shelf and readily available.

Engineered to meet routine ECT performance demands for field inspection applications, the EddyView Prime is outfitted with a basic array of sensing, display and data storage features for precise flaw detection at a very affordable price. Developed for single frequency applications, the EddyView Prime features simultaneous impedance plane and strip chart displays, X-Y gain spread, removable SD data storage card for program and test results, as well as Ethernet connectivity.  Designed for ease of use in field environments, the EddyView Prime is a high-value, all purpose choice for mobile NDT field operations. 

For NDT applications beyond routine field inspections, the EddyView Pro is a dual-frequency instrument featuring split screen capability for high speed bolt hole scanning, conductivity and non-metallic thickness measurement, as well as the ability to interface with peripheral devices and automated systems. Designed for use by NDT professionals, the EddyView Pro includes all the features of the EddyView Prime as well as additional functionality to allow both standard eddy current measurements and complex inspections, including large-scale automated and robotic production applications.  System features include dual frequency with mixing, split-screen for both impedance plane and O-scope/sweep modes,  digital conductivity measurement, non-conductive liftoff digital measurement, rotating scanner support for high speed bolt hole scanning, Ethernet connectivity, RS-232 control connectors, alarm outputs, and USB flash drive support.  Ideal for field, laboratory, or production settings, the EddyView Pro’s fast data acquisition rate facilitates smooth system integration. The EddyView Pro is a sophisticated eddy current testing instrument designed with the busy NDT professional in mind. 

For the most demanding eddy current testing applications, the EddyView Premium offers unmatched flaw detection, four-frequency inspection capability, and system integration capability. Designed for critical and complex NDT inspections, the EddyView Premium can be easily integrated into turnkey production and automated flaw detection systems. Encoder support in combination with built-in strip chart recording allows for the integration of an imaging software interface and the ability to store permanent records. In addition to the functionality of the Prime and Pro, the EddyView Premium ECT instrument provides quad frequency capability, waterfall display for bolt hole imaging, encoder support, auto name capability, HP and Epson printer support, and optional software packages for multiplexing capability. A highly sophisticated eddy current instrument designed for special multiplexing applications, the EddyView Premium eddy current inspection instrument is the right choice for the most demanding inspections in production environments, with the flexibility to be used as a general purpose eddy current instrument in the laboratory or in the field.


  • basic array of sensing, display and data storage features
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