Portable Floor Scale


A portable floor scale with a folding ramp and battery operated weigh indicator that is available with stainless steel construction to resist chemical attack is now available. The DeckHand Portable Floor Scale from Alliance features stainless steel construction and is ideally suited for drum weighing applications where the risk of chemical spills are present or frequent wash-downs are required.  Suitable for multiple in-plant applications, this portable floor scale has a battery operated digital weight indicator with a 5-digit, 1” LCD display and includes a RS-232 communications port. 

For optimum mobility, the DeckHand™ Portable Floor Scale from Alliance has a column with two hand grips and the digital weight indicator is powered by 6 “C” cell alkaline batteries and includes a 110 VAC adapter.  Equipped with a 31”W x 41”L x 4.5”H non-skid platform and ramp, this drum weighing scale is available in 500-, 1,000-, and 2,000 lbs. capacity models.


  • folding ramp
  • battery operated weigh indicator
  • stainless steel construction 
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