Portable Generator Powered Light Tower


High power light tower provides full portability and standalone operation for applications where an external power source is impractical or unavailable. The WAL-ML-2XM-3G Mini Light Tower with 3000VA Generator provides operators with an easy to deploy portable lighting system that can illuminate approximately 2 acres effectively. Featuring a telescoping mast fitted with metal halide lamps and an onboard generator, this light tower is ideal for work sites and emergency services where a self contained lighting system is required. 

The WAL-ML-2XM-3G Mini Light Tower provides operators on worksites, emergency scenes, outdoor events and similar locations with a portable lighting system that can operate independently of external power sources while providing enough light output to illuminate up to 2 acres. This telescoping tower can be elevated to 7 feet in height for increased coverage using an included hand crank and is constructed of powder coated steel for strength and durability. A pair of 1000 watt metal halide lamps provides a combined total of 220,000 lumens and distributes it in a wide flood pattern for efficient and effective illumination of large areas. Each lamp can be adjusted independently of the other and is mounted to a removable mounting bracket that can be unlocked and removed from the tower for transport. The tower is fitted with a heavy duty base equipped with rubber tires to allow operators to easily roll the entire unit into position without the need for towing or lifting apparatus. A single 6000va generator powers the metal halide lamps for up to 6 hours on a single tank of fuel and is mounted to the base platform for easy access and convenience. 

This generator also includes standard 120 and 240 volt outlets to allow users to connect tools and electrical devices for added convenience. The ballast system for the metal halide lights is contained within a heavy duty steel housing which is also mounted to the tower base, helping to distribute more weight to the bottom of the tower for increased stability. The WAL-ML-2XM-3G mini light tower is a highly versatile and powerful tower lighting system that provides the convenience of full portability in a package that does not require dedicated towing hardware to deploy. Operators can literally load several of these systems onto a truck and deploy them as needed around the site, where workers can then simply set them up and turn them on. These mini light towers are ideal for construction sites, commercial operations, outdoor events, and emergency scenes where effective lighting that can be quickly and easily deployed without the need for external power sources is required. 


  • can illuminate approximately 2 acres
  • telescoping mast
  • 120 and 240 volt outlets
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