Portable Hydrogen Purity Analyzer


The Nova Model 380K/380WP Portable Tri Gas Analyzer is designed for monitoring hydrogen purity in power generators and synchronous converters, which use hydrogen gas for cooling.

In addition, the Nova Model 380K/380WP has two other ranges, which monitor CO2 in Hydrogen and CO2 in Air during the shutdown and startup purge procedure.

All gases are detected on a single temperature compensated thermalconductivity cell in the analyzer. A front panel switch selects the desired range.

The Nova Model 380K/380WP provides a digital readout and has a rechargeable ‘gel cell’ battery. The analyzer can be used while recharging.


* Monitors 0-100% H2 in air, 0-100% H2 in CO2, 0-100% air in CO2 * Rugged, long life thermal conductivity detector cell * Lightweight and portable * Digital readout * Rechargeable 'gel cell' battery * Built in flow meter, flow control valve and pump * Easy to calibrate * Easy to use * Fast warm up * Choice of clear top cabinet (WP) or briefcase style (K)
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