Portable Hygrometer


Michell Instruments has introduced an intrinsically safe version of their portable hygrometer. The MDM300 I.S. is designed specifically for applications in natural gas processing and is capable of taking measurements at high pressures up to 350 bar.  The MDM300 I.S offers fast and accurate moisture content measurements in the field. Dew points to -95°F can be reached in less than 10 minutes with an accuracy of better than ±1.8°F, utilizing Michell's well-proven ceramic sensor technology. By avoiding the use of desiccant, continuous high speed operation of 6 measurements per hour is possible. Operating range is -148°F to +68°F.
The MDM300 I.S standard instrument is completely self-contained including a fixed orifice sample system for low pressures. Higher pressures up to 5000psi can be accommodated with a range of configurable external sampling systems and remote transmitters ideal for use in many demanding processes.
The real portability of the MDM300 I.S allows for spot checks of moisture to be made at any point in the process – which means that points of moisture ingress can be identified quickly and easily before the damage is caused.


  • takes  measurements at high pressures up to 350 bar
  • fast and accurate moisture content measurements
  • Operating range is -148°F to +68°F.
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