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FEIN Power Tools, Inc. has introduced the new Slugger JCM 200 U Portable Magnetic Drill, ideally suited for on-site construction, MRO in-plant applications, workshops and fabricating operations.  In addition to its light weight, the drill offers many unique features that go beyond just holemaking with annular cutters. Unlike other portable magnetic drills, it performs tapping, reaming and countersinking operations without requiring special adapters or arbors.  These features make it an ideal tool for precision holemaking when retrofitting or repairing in-plant machines.              

The JCM 200 U provides the operator with many unique features as well as sound ergonomics.  It is lightweight at just 30.6 lb (13.9 kg) making it easy to position even when drilling overhead. Its top, forward facing control panel is in direct line of sight of the operator and can clearly be seen during use.  Simple, easy to identify finger touch control buttons feature on/off, forward and reverse rotation and electronic speed settings of 130-260 RPM in first speed and 260-520 RPM in second speed with five optimize speed steps for HSS or carbide annular cutters as well as a variety of tools for tapping, reaming and countersinking.  It uses both American and German Slugger Annular Cutters up to 2″ diameter and 3″ depth of cut.             

The Slugger high-power motor maintains stable set speeds with1200W power consumption and its magnetic holding force is 2,750 lb.  Feed handles are easily transferred to either side when working in confined spaces.  The centrally positioned motor cable with swivel bearings reduces the risk of getting it caught or snagged on the workpiece.  The integrated coolant tank that delivers through the tool coolant is easily removed, filled and reattached.  A flex-jointed hose for directing coolant directly to the work when using twist drills is available as an accessory.             

The drill has a stroke range of 5-11/16″ to 12-3/8″ to accommodate extra long tools including annular cutters and twist drills without the need for special adjustments.  It has a FEIN MT 3 tool mounting system that will accommodate the two arbor styles that come with the drill.  An arbor for tools with QuickIN shanks and an arbor for cutters and accessories that have Weldon shanks.  This feature also permits attaching tapping, countersinking, reaming and using twist drills without the need for special tools.              

The JCM 200 U comes with a standard high impact plastic carrying case, coolant tank, safety strap, chip hook, pilot pin, contact guard and drift key.  


  • lightweight at just 30.6 lb
  • easy to position
  • 1200W power consumption
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