Portable Magnetic Drills - CSU 80AC





Powerful high-torque motor with multiple speeds - holes up to 3-3/16 " dia.

• Robust, high-torque 15 Amp motor with four-speed gearbox (100 / 175 / 245 / 385 RPM)
• Multiple speeds match cutter diameter to correct RPM to provide increased tool life and reduced cutter breakage
• High-density dual-coil magnet has holding strength of 7040 lbs.
• Drills up to 3-3/16" diameter holes with annular cutters and 1-1/4" with twist drills
• Keyless arbor for annular cutters
• Mechanical slip clutch disconnects the transmission in case of overload
• Automatic lubrication system
• MT3 output spindle has 11-1/4" max. stroke
• Optional Power Assist to maintain maximum RPM under full load 
• One-year warranty


Model No.:  CSU 80AC
Motor Power: 15 Amp / 110 Volt* 
Weight: 57 lbs. 
Hole Capacity:  3-3/16" dia. 
Twist Drill Capacity:  1-1/4' dia. 
Speeds: 100 / 175 / 245 / 385 RPM (4 gears) 
Magnet Base Size:  9" L x 4-3/8" W 
Dimensions: 19-1/2' H x 13-3/8" L x 7-1/2" W 
Magnetic Force (1' Plate):  7040 lbs. 
Arbor Bore:  3/4": ** 
Automatic Lubrication:  Included 
*220 Volt / 50Hz also available ** 1-1/4" also available

Model CSU 80AC has a powerful, high-torque motor with multiple speeds to match the cutter diameter to the correct RPM. This provides increased tool life and reduced cutter breakage.

CSU 80AC has an automatic cooling/lubrication system built into the arbor.

Standard equipment includes Auto Chuck cutter holder, carrying case, safety chain and carabin hook.

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