Portable Weld/Grind Cell


Have an operation where welding and grinding has been just added to process? Or, does the work call for welding and grinding to happen almost anywhere in the plant, shop or even in the yard? Goff takes the durability and safety of their Curtainwalls used industry-wide to create a portable work cell that sets up easily and provides rugged protection for others working in the area. This portable Weld/Grind Cell features Goff’s weld/spark resistant curtain material, made for demanding industrial/shop environments. The cell curtainwall at the top and the bottom is gray vinyl that meets NFPA-701 Test for Fire Retardancy. The mid section is a large 31”, 14-mil thick Weldview PVC that meets CPAI-84 and California Fire Marshal Test. This panel illuminates the inside of the cell and a clear view for those around the cell for safety purposes. The panel blocks harmful UV light for the eye safety of those around the cell. Both panel sections are mildew and rot resistant. Exclusive with the Goff’s Weld/Grind Cell – if weld spatter damages a portion of the panel, section simply replace it – rather than the entire cell panel. Along with saving cost this feature allows the crew to get back to work within the cell in no time. The lightweight, freestanding Weld/Grind Cell sets up quickly to handle the work that needs to be done anywhere in the facility. Welding and grinding fumes pass through the open top to the in-plant exhaust system. For easy access of the workers, work or equipment the curtains slide easily on a track and roller system. All hardware is galvanized steel. Goffs designs the Weld/Grind Cell for stability during production. Corner posts have six-inch floor plates with holes for anchoring to the floor if required. The curtains have reinforced hems and chain-weighted bottoms. The Weld/Grind Cell is available in three sizes and a variety of colors.


3 Sizes • 6' x 8' x 7' • 8' x 8' x 7' • 10' x 10' 7'

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