PosiStop Air Brakes


Force Control Industries, Inc., introduces Posistop X-Class air brakes for use in hazardous, combustible and explosive environments.  Ideal for use with air motors, air winches, air hoists or other air operated machinery commonly used in these potentially volatile environments, these air brakes are a proven alternative to traditional electric brakes. 

The X-Class Posistop air actuated brake with "Oil Shear Technology" is a very precise and reliable air brake which assures constant torque yet requires no adjustment or maintenance.  They are ideal for manufacturing facilities where hazardous conditions exist ˆ including gas, flour, sugar, grain, oil, gasoline, and gunpowder. Other applications include coal loading or processing facilities, offshore and land based oil and gas wells, and ship and rail loading of hazardous materials.  Because the X-Class brake is actuated without use of a sacrificial wear surface (as in dry braking systems), they typically last 5-10 times longer than dry friction brakes.  

No adjustments are required, and maintenance is virtually eliminated, yielding additional savings for labor, spare parts, order costs, inventory, replacement costs and downtime. The unique split clamped quill with locking collar improves quill to shaft connection, thereby reducing key and key damage, and potentially saving the motor shaft. Teflon liners used under all O-ring seals in the piston allow the O-ring to remain static eliminating wear and cracking. The heavy duty epoxy coated housings maintain sealing integrity, ensuring that no dirt, dust, or moisture gets in the brake and no friction material dust gets out.  

Multiple discs and springs keep the diameter to a minimum reducing the inertia of the brake for higher cycle rates and improved efficiency.The X-Class Posistop brakes are designed as C-face mount and can be mounted on the back of a motor or gearbox, or mounted between the motor and gearbox. Custom flange mountings are available, as is a foot mounting kit. Sizes range from 4 Lb. Ft. to 300 Lb. Ft.  Air requirement are minimal ˆ just 19 in3, for the largest brake at a maximum pressure of 80 PSI. All Posistop X-Class brakes are designed for a manifold mounted valve for simplicity, compactness, and quick response. Remote mounted valves can be used as well, especially if they are to be mounted in a non-explosion area.  For special applications the units can be finished for wash down, marine duty, with biodegradable fluid, and vertical as well as horizontal mounting.     


  • Oil Shear Technology
  • alternative to traditional electric brakes
  • constant torque 

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