Position Sensors Catalog


With its new product catalog, ASM provides engineers with a practical decision-making tool for selecting the right position sensor. Whether distance, angle or inclination, ASM offers with six innovative product lines sensor solutions for a wide variety of applications requiring feedback position sensors. The company is known for three decades for the production of high-quality sensors. With this new catalog it provides not only an overview of the unique product range with technical specifications. 

The operating principle of each sensor line is described in detail, too. Along with many application examples, design engineers receive a reference tool for the selection of the right sensor technology and therefore the most suitable model. The ASM product range includes Posiwire® cable extension position sensors, Positape® tape extension position sensors, Posichron® magnetostrictive position sensors, Posirot® magnetic angle sensors, Positilt® MEMS inclinometers and Posimag® magnetic encoders.

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