Positioning and Motion Control Systems


The 2013/14 hardcover catalog on precision motion control and piezo technology is now available from PI (Physik Instrumente). The new publication covers PI and PI miCos precision positioning technologies and product families from motorized linear translation stages to 6-axis parallel kinematic positioners and from piezo flexure nanopositioning systems to high-speed ceramic linear motors along with the associated drivers and motion controllers. In addition to product specifications, the high-quality-print catalog also contains fundamental information on several micropositioning and nanopositioning technologies; high-resolution sensor technologies; parallel-kinematic positioning basics; as well as a comprehensive tutorial on piezo technology.  

The catalog integrates with PI's website and is not intended to be a collection of datasheets, The main focus is providing an overview on different motion technologies and pointing the user in the right direction. CAD drawings, manuals and other detailed documentation can be obtained from the internet and PI's application engineers are available to further discuss the application.

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