Power Clamping Swing Cylinders for Workholding --Top and Bottom Flange Styles Introduced


Jergens, Inc. has announced a new line of swing cylinders for workholding. The new hydraulically-activated clamps are available either in top or bottom flange styles, with either single or double acting actions. Either style can be manifold-mounted, utilizing #2 SAE ports, or can be plumbed conventionally through two #4 SAE ports. Three sizes are available, with clamping capacities from 1,100 to 5,000 lbs. The clamps’ piston rotates 90° to the right in its standard configuration, but may be ordered with either a 90° left rotation or no rotation.
The clamps offer extra versatility by being able to be used via a through hole bottom mount or top plate mount. Non-threaded bodies simplify mounting.
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