CR Magnetics, Inc. has introduced a new series of Power Factor Transducers
specifically designed to sense the Phase Angle difference between AC Current
and Voltage signals. The new CR6300 series of Power Factor Transducers allow
correcting of power factors to save on utility energy costs. They will perform in a
wide variety of applications including Motor Loading, Measure Timing and
Correcting Power Factor.
The new CR Magnetics CR6300 series Power Factor Transducers are available
in three basic model styles: CR6310-500V – 0-5 VDC Output,
CR6311-500V – 0-10 VDC Output, and CR6320-500V – 4-20 mADC Output.
Custom styles can be provided.
Features include the ability to measure -90 to +90 Phase differences. Bandwidth
is 5KHz and input ranges can be extended using CT’s and PT’s. Outputs are
direct to data acquisition, PLC’s, display and computer systems. The new CR Magnetics CR6300 series Power Factor Transducers have window
openings to accommodate current carrying wires up to .26” dia. They offer up to
500V input of voltage and up to 25A of current. The units are powered by a
single 24 VDC power supply. Package size is 3.26” L. x 1.42”W. x 2.99” H.
They can be mounted on 35mm DIN rails or surface panels.
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