Power Line Design Kit


Providing design engineers
with a complete solid state lighting solution, TT electronics OPTEK
Technology has developed the Power Line design kit. Designated
the OVPL5W3K Series, the kit includes FR4 PC boards populated
with three 0.5-watt white LEDs, along with a wire harness with
connector, and a hand insertion tool.  With the addition of a 15-volt
power supply, the Power Line Kit is a total lighting solution.

"As a flexible and scalable lighting solution providing high luminous
flux with no additional heatsink requirements, the kit enables lighting
designers to configure LED placement for uniform illumination in any
lighting application," said Alan Bennett, vice president of sales and
marketing for OPTEK Technology.

Typical applications for the Power Line kit include architectural
accent lighting, under-counter lighting, media illumination, large
channel-letter lighting, light box backlighting and point-of-sale displays.

The Power Line design kit consists of five PC boards measuring
8" x 7/16". Each board features three 0.5W white LEDs with a
viewing angle of 120°, typical CCT of 5000K and typical luminous
flux of 50lm per board @ 15V (125mA per board).  Additional
individual board assemblies are available (OPTEK part number OPA733).

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