YET US announces the latest addition to the revolutionary XtraDrive Servo System line of products. The new version incorporates increased power capability to effectively command more demanding precision servo motion equipment while optimizing cost savings. A simplified, cost-saving design features an integrated amplifier and powerful 5Kw, 1.5 axis controller enhanced with ECAM capability to provide highly complex motion profiles based on master or virtual axis encoder position. The 400 Vac, 3-phase input drive system achieves speeds up to 6000 rpm with increased torque range to 629 inlb (71Nm) peak without sacrificing precision accuracy. Operation delivers 16.5 amps RMS continuous and 40.5 amps RMS peak. Designed for flexibility, the compact XtraDrive functions as a stand alone unit easily integrating into new or existing motion systems or can be driven by an analog, or step and direction, reference from a PLC or multi-axis controller. Units are configured with (2)two analog inputs, (2)two analog ourputs, (7)seven programmable digital inputs and (3)three programmable (4 dedicated) digital outputs. Support options include extended I/O, Devicenet, SERCOS, and MACRO. Embedded Profibus DP platforms are also offered. Based on patented NCT (non-linear control) servo control technology, the XtraDrive solves system flexibility, tuning and compatibility problems. The unique adaptive control structure provides unprecedented stability and eliminates costly re-tuning efforts by automatically adjusting to changing load requirements. Zero settling time is achieved with non-linear technology for maximum system throughput. The unit is configured for compatibility with all brushless rotary and linear servo motor technologies. A variety of feedback devices are supported including A quad B encoders, serial encoders, sin cos encoders and resolver s, etc. The 5Kw XtraDrive is an ideal solution for a wide variety of demanding applications where smooth, stable, high-speed precision operation is required and system flexibility and costs are primary considerations. Applications include high performance machines in the assembly, packaging, material handling, metalworking, machine tool, display inspection machines and other general purpose equipment.
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