Power-Phoenix Drill Series


Building on the success of the Phoenix high performance drill from Sphinx, BIG Kaiser has introduced the new Power-Phoenix extra long high performance drill series. The drills are designed for optimal performance in deep hole applications in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum and titanium. Power-Phoenix drills feature a 137° point angle and four-margin geometry (above Ø2.0mm) for stability, ensuring a straight hole even in deep drilling applications.

A unique point grind ensures consistent chip formation, while specially designed polished flutes allow for rapid chip evacuation. Through-coolant capability is standard, and the Power-Phoenix was designed to perform with even low coolant pressure down to 290 PSI (20 bar). “These features, plus a state-of-the-art, wear resistant Helica coating, make the Power-Phoenix the ideal high performance drill of deep hole applications,” says Mike Bojanowski, BIG Kaiser assistant product manager for the Sphinx drill line. The diameter range available is Ø1.0-12.7mm for the 16xD version, and Ø2.0-10.0mm for the rest of the drill series – 20xD, 25xD, 30xD.


  • 137° point angle
  • four-margin geometry
  • rapid chip evacuation

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