Power Pusher® Offers Material Handling Solution for Challenging Applications


The Nu-Star Inc. Power Pusher® is an easy to maneuver, conveniently sized material handling solution, specially manufactured for a wide variety of load moving needs. Power Pusher increases productivity, requires limited time and manpower for operation, and decreases the risk of on-the-job stress-related injuries. In addition, Power Pusher is cost-effective and available in several models to fit a wide range of applications, including units for cleanroom, Class I Div. I, and washdown areas. Power Pusher offers pedestrian-operated, battery-powered units available in five models, and it is ideal for pushing or pulling wheeled or semi-wheeled loads up to 150,000 lbs. All models feature quality Nu-Star manufacturing and allow the user to have full control of heavy or difficult loads. Power Pusher easily relocates railcars, drums, paper finishing rolls and more. Plus, Power Pusher offers units specialized to meet cleanroom and Class I Div. I specifications. Sealed units are also available, constructed of stainless steel to withstand harsh washdown environments. Power Pusher units are also smaller and lighter than competitive material handling equipment, taking up less floor space and helping prevent damage to facilities. Plus, Power Pusher requires no training and features a variety of models and specifications to solve challenging applications under strict requirements. It offers exceptional maneuverability and functionality at a lower cost than forklifts, tractor units and other ride-on equipment. In addition, Power Pusher increases shop-floor productivity by reducing the time and manpower required for material handling. By using the Power Pusher solution, many companies will find that their revenue savings will offset their capital expenses or contract hire costs within 12 to 18 months. From solving health and safety issues to saving production time and resources, Power Pusher offers an innovative solution for challenging load moving applications. And with over 25,000 units sold, it remains a popular, cost-effective and productive way of managing industrial material handling needs.
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