Power Solutions Catalog


Triad Magnetics has released its latest new Power Solutions Catalog, making it easier than ever to learn more about its advanced off-the-shelf and custom transformers, autotransformers, inductors and power supplies for applications including power conversion, filtering, isolation and more. Triad Magnetics offers a broad off-the-shelf product line of popular magnetic components. The company’s advanced U.S. Design Center in California includes CAD and other computer systems that also allow it to provide custom solutions, with rapid prototyping and testing available. Certification is available to UL and many other global standards upon request. 

Triad’s high-performance products serve a wide range of applications in demanding industries. They are found in audio systems, computers, dental equipment, factory motion control, industrial process controls, instrumentation, gaming devices, lighting, power supplies, security systems, test and measurement equipment and more.  Triad’s manufacturing facilities include state-of-the-art coil winding equipment, as well as ferrite gapping machines, lamination welding equipment and automated testing. The company’s advanced cellular manufacturing system reduces material handling and process cycle times. Triad’s Quality Management System relies on the latest statistical process control and continuous improvement techniques, ensuring the highest product reliability and long-life.

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