PowerExpress™ Gets Press Brakes Up to Speed


Press brake fabricators can now realize the full potential of hydraulic clamping technology thanks to the new PowerExpress™ system from Wilson Tool International. PowerExpress delivers the improved speed, ease of use, precision and reliability needed to maximize the productivity of any American style press brake. “Fabricators have never had a hydraulic beam that can do it all,” says Bob Haskins, Co-President of Wilson Tool. “With PowerExpress, we’re fulfilling the tremendous promise of this technology. From installation and setups to maintenance and improved clearance, everything is faster and easier. The PowerExpress will greatly enhance our customers’ productivity.” One Touch Setups & Complete Compatibility PowerExpress facilitates faster press setups by clamping and seating tools in a single operation. Once the operator loads the tooling, one touch of the pendant control activates the hydraulic action. Within seconds, the tooling is precisely clamped and seated along the full length of the beam. PowerExpress also eliminates compatibility concerns. The system is engineered to accommodate virtually any American style press brake tooling without requiring a groove. Modular & Streamlined for Superior Usability PowerExpress’ modular design comes in manageable, two-foot sections. This makes clamp installation much easier, while also holding tooling of any length. Unlike other clamping systems, which require several operators to move and install the beams over a period of hours, a single experienced operator can install PowerExpress in less than one hour. And with its streamlined profile, PowerExpress provides more clearance for bending. Thirty-degree bends are possible in both the front and back of the beam. Increased Reliability & Reduced Downtime Specifically designed to provide long-term, problem-free operation, the PowerExpress system is far less susceptible to failure. Should a problem occur, the system’s modular design enables it to continue operating after the section is removed for maintenance, significantly reducing downtime. Increased Clamp Life with Nitrex™ For maximum clamp life, every PowerExpress clamp is treated with Wilson Tool’s exclusive Nitrex™ High Endurance Surface Enhancement. This patented process provides a surface hardness of HRC-70, extending clamp life by several times that of untreated clamps.
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