PowerFlex 755 AC Drive


Representing the first drive from the new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 750 series, the PowerFlex 755 AC drive meets global user needs for versatile motor control, integration ease and high performance to help increase productivity. Available in power ranges from 7.5 to 250 kW or 10 to 350 hp at 400/480V AC and 540/650V DC input, the PowerFlex 755 AC drive supports multiple languages, meets global standards and certifications, and is suited for many industries, including converting, automotive, machinery, food and beverage, material handling, metals, mining, and tire and rubber.
“A variety of supporting options makes the PowerFlex 755 a highly functional and cost-effective drive for simple and demanding drive applications,” said Anthony Newkirk, drives product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The application flexibility and simple integration make this drive ideal for OEMs and system integrators looking to reduce engineering costs, deliver machines to market faster, and meet end-user demand for higher performance and safer machines.”
The PowerFlex 755 AC drive offers customers more versatility than any other drive in its class in terms of motor control and supporting control hardware options. Examples include:
•    To adapt drive control to specific application requirements, engineers embedded Allen-Bradley DeviceLogix control in the drive. This can give users control flexibility to combine inputs and/or outputs and local logic functions to determine the drive’s behavior.
•    To enable data-driven decisions, embedded Ethernet allows users to easily configure, control and collect drive data over EtherNet/IP networks.
•    To minimize downtime, users can configure the drive to provide advanced notification of operating data on cooling fans, I/O relay cycles, motor run-time hours and potential fault warnings.
•    Embedded Safe Torque-Off and Safe-Speed Monitoring safety options help customers reduce overall system costs while helping to protect personnel and equipment, and improve productivity.
Engineers designed the PowerFlex 755 AC drive with a slot-based mechanical architecture that allows customers to tailor the drive with as few or as many options – I/O, feedback, safety, communications and auxiliary control power – as their application requires.


• 7.5…250 kW 400V AC (540V DC input) • 10...350 Hp 480V AC (650V DC input)

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This is a capable VFD, the add on I/O is very confusing to configure. I do not recommend programming it through the drive keypad. Software is a MUST for this drive.