PowerPlug* Is Industry’s First Ballast Disconnect To Meet New CEC And NEC Safety Requirements For Non-Residential Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures


Marking another industry breakthrough for IDEAL, the company today introduced the PowerPlug*, the first ballast disconnect to fully meet new Canadian Electrical Code (CEC 30-308(4)) and National Electrical Code (NEC® 410.73 (G), 2005 edition) safety requirements for use with non-residential fluorescent fixtures. Developed in response to these code changes, the PowerPlug allows electricians to disconnect power to fluorescent lighting fixtures for servicing without exposure to dangerous live wires, explains Ned Camuti, Vice President and General Manager, IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC.: “It is extremely dangerous for electricians to service energized fluorescent fixtures, where one wrong move can put them in contact with live voltage, resulting in shock or electrocution. PowerPlug is a simple, cost-effective method of disconnecting all conductors to the ballasts prior to fixture servicing.” Targeted at lighting OEMs and retrofit installations, the IDEAL PowerPlug is available for use with solid or stranded wire ranging from 12-18 AWG. Other disconnects currently available are rated for stranded wire only, and will not meet the installation requirements for solid ballast wire. Push-In Installation The IDEAL PowerPlug* is also the only disconnect on the market to offer IDEAL’s patented “push-in” locking technology, a benefit that directly reduces manufacturing time, labor costs, and repetitive motion fatigue. This productivity-enhancing design minimizes insertion force for faster, easier terminations without twisting or the use of tools. What’s more, the simple male-female construction passes UL1977 finger probe requirements, preventing the installer from touching hot contacts. PowerPlug’s rugged nylon housings are a bright orange to signify a safety device, plus have unique thumb ridges to provide a superior grip. Contacts are manufactured from high-quality tin alloy.
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