Pre-Applied Fastener Sealants


Tec-U-Seal line has five new grades to choose from that vary in softness, elasticity, and self-adhesion, for ‘stay in place’, easy assembly. Specialize colors are always available for Tec-U-Seal as well as most Tectorius products; offering custom, signature product identification.
Tec-U-Seal pre-applied fastener sealants are a unique resin matrix sealing and seating material for under head encapsulation. Specifically designed to flow and adhere to most metals and smooth surfaces, Tec-U-Seal is a low-cost and effective alternative to O-ring seals, injection molded seals, and die-cut gaskets. Self-adhering grades permit fasteners to be pre-assembled and retained in position until final attachment is complete.

Tec-U-Seal works by compression seating. The material absorbs shock, prevents movement and fills gaps created by thermal expansion, its elastomeric nature minimizes movement and resist loss of seating and sealing ability in stressed situations.


Product features:

  • Unaffected by automotive fluids:  This family of materials includes grades that resist and seal against most automotive fluids, including water, oil, antifreeze, and gasoline.

  • Variety of colors and softness:  Available in a variety of colors (for easy part inspection), durometers, and properties to fit the desired application. Custom colors are also available.

  • High temperature and self-adhesive formulas:  Tec-U-Seal includes grades that are specifically intended for use in high-temperature environments or in applications where a tacky surface will assist in component positioning for final assembly.

  • Resistant:  Tec-U-Seal has excellent chemical and environmental resistance. It is advisable to store in dry, clean conditions.

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