Precision Cutters


A full line of precision cutters that come in a wide range of standard models and can also be custom designed to match specific OEM assembly and maintenance applications is available from Xuron Corp.

Xuron® Precision Cutters feature the Micro-Shear® by-pass shear cutting head which results in square, clean cuts with no spikes and requires less pressure than compression-style cutters.  For specific tasks, there are many standard models offered and the firm will also develop custom designed cutter heads to match specific OEM application and material requirements.

Customized heads for Xuron® Precision Cutters can include tapered profiles for reaching into high density areas, finely pointed blades for slitting, blades with lead retainers, shorter blades, angled blades, curved tips and more.  Manufactured from high carbon steel, they can incorporate various Rockwell hardness, different tension return springs and special hand grips.


  • wide range of standard models
  • Micro-Shear® by-pass shear cutting head
  • square, clean cuts
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