Precision Length Machine Brings Sub-Micron Measurement To The Shop Floor


Mahr Federal has introduced a new high precision,
universal length measuring instrument for rapid, high accuracy internal and
external measurements directly on the shop floor. With a direct measuring
range of up to 50 mm (2 in) and an application range of up to 100 mm (4 in),
the simple design of the new Mahr Federal Linear 100 makes it possible to
carry out measurements quickly and to easily adapt to new measurement tasks.

"The Linear 100 is a solution to the demand for precision length measurement
on the shop floor," said George Schuetz, Mahr Federal's Director of
Precision Gages. "It is the ideal shop tool when the measuring requirements
go beyond the capabilities of the typical comparative gage. With its
fundamentally sound measuring principle and high accuracy readout, in the
correct environment the Linear 100 can put sub micron measurements directly
into the hands of the precision machinist."

The compact Linear 100 universal measuring instrument can be used to measure
both lengths and diameters. This allows multifaceted measuring tasks to be
accomplished, such as measuring the dimension over two balls on gear ODs.

Key features of the Linear 100 include an adjustable 76 x 76 mm (3 x 3 in)
measuring table for precise measuring position adjustment of the part when
measuring ODs, and 4 to 40 oz (1 N to 11 N) adjustable measuring force that
remains virtually constant over the entire measuring range. For ID
measurement, the 100 mm (4 in) x 185 mm (7.3 in) worktable allows for
precision part positioning for measurement. The integrated measuring system
is based on the Abbe principle (i.e., the measuring arm and reference are in
line) which eliminates cosine errors.

Internal/External measurements, as well as Combined Internal/External
measurement, are possible without remastering, and easily interchangeable
measuring anvils provide increased part measuring versatility. The solid
cast body reduces stresses and twisting error, and a large digital display
provides clear readouts with selectable ID/OD results and preset values. An
RS-232 interface makes it easy to transfer output data to PCs and optional
software allows measured values to be transferred to Windows programs such
as Microsoft® Excel.
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