Precision Safety Respirator


Reinforcing its reputation as the best value in safety solutions, Magid Glove & Safety announces the arrival of its first P95 respirator, the Magid® Precision Safety® Disposable IR1970P95 Respirator, which performs three jobs in one for the ultimate in savings. This NIOSH 42 CFR-approved P95 respirator filters at least 95% of airborne particles and is specifically designed to protect against certain oil and non-oil based particles while providing nuisance relief from acid gas and organic vapors.

“With the availability of Magid’s new Precision Safety P95 respirator, customers can now standardize on one filtering face mask to do the job of what in the past might have taken three separate respirators,” said Andres Maldonado, Director of Marketing for Magid Glove & Safety. “Coupled with its aggressive pricing, the new 3-in-1, high performance disposable respirator delivers an excellent cost saving opportunity.”

The Precision Safety P95 Disposable Respirator not only streamlines respiratory safety, but it provides several comfort-enhancing features, such as an adjustable nosepiece and full face seal for comfort. It also has two latex-free ultra-sonic sealed headbands to preserve structural integrity and prevent tears and holes from forming in the respirator. Ideal applications for use include welding, woodworking, agriculture, construction and transportation or any work that may have exposure to the most commonly encountered airborne particles.


  • performs three jobs in one
  • filters at least 95% of airborne particles
  • adjustable nosepiece
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