Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gages


Danatronics, Danvers, MA. is pleased to announce the release of the UPG-07 series of hand held Precision Ultrasonic Thickness Gages with Color and Monochrome displays. From the makers of the EHC-09 WAVE, the UPG-07 series is the latest offering from Danatronics Corp. The UPG-07 series consist of 7 entirely new models specifically designed to non-destructively and ultrasonically measure any engineering material as thin as .004 to as thick as 20”. Available in both Color and Monochrome displays with and without live waveform (A-Scan), the UPG-07 series offer 3 mode capability, 100K datalogger with interface to Microsoft Excel and B-Scan. All gages are entirely field upgradable so you will never be left with an obsolete model.
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