Premier Series of fiberglass enclosures


The new design of the Premier Series means extra protection for electrical components.  Hinges and latching are located on the outside of the sidewalls - with no penetration into the enclosure.  This eliminates risk of compromised protection due to side penetrating rivets or screws for external hinges and/or latching.  Gap areas are minimized to inhibit the accumulation of dust, dirt and other debris.  This is critical for environments where high quality and hygiene standards are required, such as food processing and chemical processing.
             The Premier Series is both NEMA 4X and IP 66 rated with a temperature Range -40° F to 250° F.  It also features a patent-pending additive that is able to reduce the effects of UV degradation such as surface roughening and fiber blooming - common results from sunlight exposure that leaves the enclosure unsightly.   

Customers who have ordered the Premier Series have been pleased with the look and durability of the line.  "We usually order the hinged screw cover fiberglass enclosures from Adalet to install our heating and cooling components," said Tom Belko, product manager for a company that specializes in wireless internet systems.  "We were looking to change up our design so we added the Premier Series as part of our offerings.  Customers really like the new look, and we like the added protection because of the non-penetrating hardware."

              With nearly 50 standard configuration opportunities, the line encompasses 10 sizes ranging from 6x6x4 to 20x16x10.  Enclosures can come with screws or hinged with pull latching.  Opaque and clear covers are available.   

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