Premium and Standard Non-Woven Hand Pad Lines


CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels now offers a premium and standard line of 6-inch x 9-inch non-woven hand pads for surface preparation. The new premium line contains five different types of hand pads for a wide range of surface preparation applications. CGW’s standard hand pad line contains three types of pads.
    CGW’s premium hand pad line includes maroon-colored pads for all-purpose use, grey-colored pads for fine finishes, green-colored pads for general cleaning, tan-colored pads for heavy-duty use, and white-colored pads for light-duty work. The premium hand pad line is constructed from strong materials that are flexible for demanding frequent use.
    The standard hand pad line includes all-purpose maroon-colored pads, general cleaning green-colored pads, and light-duty white-colored pads.
    “CGW’s premium and standard hand pad lines cover a wide range of applications to help
end users tackle all their surface preparation needs,” said Joe O’Mera, president, CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels.

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