Pres-On® VF Series Tapes


Pres-On® VF Series Tapes Provide OEM Products With Built-In Protection From Moisture, Shock, Contaminants 

Pres-On’s VF Series vinyl foam tapes give OEM products built-in protection from harmful contaminants, noise and shock.

Designed for use in sealing, cushioning and gasketing, VF Series tape features a closed cell structure that resists the absorption of water or other fluids, while providing excellent load bearing qualities. The tape’s acrylic adhesive also assists in maintaining a permanent positive seal when used as a gasketing material, even on irregular surfaces or on tight radius curves. For difficult to adhere to substances, a solvent-based acrylic adhesive is available.

Because VF Series tape is available in low (5.5 lbs) to high (17 lbs) densities, it can be employed across a vast range of design applications, including automotive, general industrial, HVAC, weatherproofing and electronics. In addition to sealing out liquids the tape absorbs shock, muffles sound, and dampens vibration to add value to products.

Pres-On will die-cut or kiss-cut VF Series tape to custom specifics, such as donuts, washers or other shapes for waterproof seals, spacers or cushions, with or without an adhesive. It is also available in standard rolls or reels. For pricing or free product samples, phone 800-323-7467. On the web, E-mail:

Founded in 1949, Pres-On is a leading manufacturer of adhesive coating, coated foam tape, mounting substrates, gaskets and cap liners serving customers worldwide in the industrial and consumer markets. Pres-On is based in Addison, Illinois.
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