Presens Digital Pressure Transmitters


Prime Technology, LLC of North Branford, CT introduces the Presens Precise pressure transmitter, a dynamic and extremely accurate pressure sensor. From Tsunami detection to submarine and ROV applications, the Presens transmitter is capable of servicing a wide array of harsh environments that other sensors cannot stand up to while providing unparalleled accuracy. The Presens transmitter is available in two accuracy classes, the Gold and Gold Plus offering a total error band of <±0.02% full range and <±0.01% full range, respectively. The sensor’s housing, a robust, all welded construction is both rugged and shock-resistant, capable of withstanding a 1 meter drop test on concrete flooring. The transmitter also consumes very little power and its sample rate can be adjusted from 5 to 25 reading per second for fast and reliable sampling. Additionally, the sensor requires 9-36 volt DC and utilizes a Modbus RS485 digital interface. The transmitter also provides the ultimate precision in water level measurements. With a guaranteed total error band (all errors included) of <±0.01% full range, low drift and high resolution, the sensor offers a high level of performance and is inherently tolerant to over-pressure and pressure spikes often found in deep sea applications. At the core of the pressure transmitter is its patented tubular sensing element. A combination of high resolution and extreme tolerance to pressure make it one of the best in its class for high pressure applications. The tubular shape allows the sensor to operate in compressive stress mode, which gives high resilience to external pressure while maintaining extreme and stable accuracy in subsea environments. Combined with its unsurpassed accuracy and tolerance to extreme pressure situations, the Presens pressure transmitter is the premier sensor technology for underwater positioning and navigations systems, submarines, ROVs/AUVs, depth measurement, subsea sonar systems, tsunami detection, maritime security systems and many more oceanic applications.


• FS pressure range up to 0-2000 bar • Total accuracy <±0.01%FS • 1-year stability <±0.01%FS • Over-pressure 1.5 x FS to 5 x FS (pressure dependent) • Adjustable sample rate 5 to 25 samples/sec • Resolution in electronics < 1 ppm (> 20 bit)
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