Pressure Gauge Catalog


Palmer Wahl Instrumentation Group announces the release of its new Pressure Gauge catalog, showcasing the broad array of Palmer Pressure Gauge models available.  The extensive selection of pressure gauges includes models appropriate for a wide variety of applications, including dry, filled, and Palmer’s Fearless Under Pressure gauges, featuring the vibration and pulsation resistance of a liquid filled gauge without the possibility of chemical reactions from fill media.  A variety of mounting styles allow you to select the configuration that meets the requirements of your installation location.  Beyond standard pressure gauges, Palmer offers a number of specialty application models, including Solar or Battery Powered Digital Display, Current Loop Transmitter, Electrical Contact, Gas Test, Differential, and Sanitary types are all available.  

All IP Compliant gauges are marked with their individual ratings for quick reference when choosing the appropriate model for your application.  In addition to standard offerings, Palmer now offers custom dial face design on certain models. Mark your gauges with special instructions, different or additional scales, or color based indicators to create gauges ideally suited to your purpose.  Select the optional NIST Traceable test reports with dated Calibration Stickers to make it easy to keep up with your equipment’s scheduled calibration.  Dry gauges feature a 1 Year Warranty covering defects in craftsmanship and materials, while wetted gauges feature a Two Year Warranty covering the same potential defects.  Available accessories include needle and ball valves, snubbers, syphons, and diaphragm seals.

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