The MAD4520 Flush Submersible Series is the latest addition to Madison Company’s new line of hydrostatic pressure level sensors. This compact, non-clogging sensor is designed for monitoring viscous material and/or turbulent conditions within a vessel.

This cost-effective pressure sensor is constructed of 316L and PVDF to withstand the toughest environments, making it an ideal fit for sewage lift stations, food tanks and viscous media applications. Other typical uses include: grease and lubrication tanks; drilling mud pits; vegetable and animal oil tanks; and storm and industrial holding tanks. The MAD4520 is suitable for wastewater, salt water, brackish and fresh water systems and is compatible with a wide range of chemicals.

When used with an approved barrier, the MAD4520 is approved to UL/cUL913 Class 1 Division 1 IS, Groups C and D. Four pressure ranges are available, and the sensor’s cage design allows for proper media flow while sitting at the bottom of the vessel or well.

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