Pressure Transducer Increases Connection Options


To suit a wider variety of installation requirements, the Ashcroft® G2 pressure transducer is now available with a larger selection of electrical and pressure connections. Deutsch DT and DTM along with the AMP Superseal 1.5 connection provide moisture resistance along with proven latch designs that prevent inadvertent disconnection. New pressure ports include the SAE O-ring connection in various sizes and the SAE UNJF-3A 37° flare cone fitting in 3/8”- 24. The rugged G2 transducer offers exceptional stability along with 1% TEB accuracy over a broad temperature range.




  • expanded selection of electrical & pressure connections
  • Deutsch DT and DTM
  • AMP Superseal 1.5
  • pressure ports include SAE O-ring and 37-deg flare cone
  • 1% total error band accuracy