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The CP200 pressure transmitter is a highly sensitive and accurate instrument. In addition to pressure measurements, it also has air velocity and air flow functions. It's ideal for pharmaceutical and many industrial applications.

The CP200 includes the following:  Measuring Ranges from as low as  ± 0.4” H2O to as high as ± 29 PSI;  Configurable intermediate and center zero ranges;  Accuracy as tight as ±(1% rdg. + 0.008” H2O);   0.01” H2O Resolution;  and  Two visual (dual color LED) and audible (buzzer) alarms


  •  Pressure units include: inH2O, PSI, Pa, kPa, mbar, & mmH2O
  • Simultaneous display of 2 parameters
  •  Two output 4-20 mA or 0-10 V (4 wires), RS 232, 2 RCR relays 6A/230 Vac
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