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Clark's 511 Series Pressure Transmitters are compact, low cost pressure transmitters featuring ceramic sensor technology for a high degree of accuracy over a wide temperature range.  Rated for FS ranges from 30" Hg vacuum to 7500 PSI, Model 511 Pressure Transmitters meet the highest specification for mechanical stress, EMC compatibility, and operational reliability. 

Utilizing integrated electronics, the ceramic sensor in Model 511 Pressure Transmitters is highly stable, maintaining linearity even in instances of over-pressure. An excellent option when monitoring media with a temperature range of -40 to 125°C, the compact, rugged construction of Model 511 Pressure Transmitters includes a patented rupture sealing device in the connector to prevent media leakage in the event of sensor failure. Available with ceramic and FPM wetted materials; Model 511 Pressure Transmitters offer an excellent range of media compatibility. 


  • ceramic sensor technology
  • integrated electronics
  • highly stable
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