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ABB’s Measurement Products’ business announces availability of a 12-page  brochure that describes the broad range and superior qualities of the company’s family of 2600T pressure transmitters. The initial pages review background on ABB Measurement Products and associated services. The brochure then covers the general attributes of 2600T pressure transmitters, such as the intuitive HMI, all-welded diaphragm seals, and simplicity to install, configure, and repair. Additional benefits include onboard diagnostics and intelligence plus a variety of device management and communication possibilities. The brochure moves on with information about the 261 and 364 series--built for extreme, unusual, or specialized environments. 

The remainder of the brochure concentrates on the 266 series, discussing features and benefits. Included is information on accuracies, ranges, and wireless. The brochure notes that innovative Through the Glass technology permits local transmitter operation without removing the cover. Other benefits include simple repairs, plugged impulse line detection, and use in safety instrumented systems (SIL). Multivariable transmitters of the 266 series simultaneously measure differential pressure, absolute pressure and process temperature. Used for DP flow measurement, they calculate the mass flow of gas, steam, and liquid with dynamic compensation.A final brochure page offers a grid detailing twelve types of diaphragm seals available.

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