Quixxsmart Structure’s new tool cabinet is the first of its kind in the US to guard
against F.O.D. (foreign object damage). FOD is a significant problem created when tools are inadvertently left behind during the manufacture and maintenance of aircraft, turbine and control systems, and other
system manufacturing environments.

The FOD Cabinet effectively eliminates potential catastrophic damage caused to systems and
equipment by preventing erroneous tools, fixtures and supplies from coming into contact with moving
system parts, cables or electrical contacts.

Features include pull-out shelves with special tool display shadow boards to promote work standardization through visual inventory control ID, and are fully adjustable for height and angle to improve ergonomic reach. Constructed from durable stainless steel complete with locking roll-up door, the cabinet provides secure storage and program adherence for loss prevention. An optional PC-based system further controls access with a pin pad or magnetic card.

Modular by design, the cabinet measures 30X30X84-inches or can be built to customer dimensions with
a CAD drawing supplied within a day. Optional 4-way locking casters aid portability and easy positioning
at workstations.

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