Print Computer Tags and Labels without a Computer with the New ArgoKee KDU


The ArgoKee KDU (Keyboard Display Unit) is a small, portable keyboard, with an integrated 2-line display screen. User-friendly KDU connects directly to a thermal transfer printer, and allows the user to print tags and labels. It’s ready to go without a computer!

The ArgoKee is perfect for printing tags and labels where the user does not own a computer or have access to one, e.g. trade shows, kiosks and warehouses.

• Same keyboard as a laptop computer, full 85 alpha-numeric keys.
• 2-line, 20 character display – enough to show prompt and data entered.
• Can be formatted for any type label, including ID labels, price tags, shipping, mailing, etc.
• Can hold between 10 and 20 formats, depending on size and complexity of label design.
• Compatible formats for Datamax, Argox, Citizen and Eltron printers.

Price includes up to five custom formats, cables and a one year manufacturer’s warranty. ArgoKee KDU $300.
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