Production Efficiency Tracker(TM) Board Keeps a Full Day, Month, and Year of Production Goals, Progress and Action items in View and in Mind


Ask any facility manager what one of his top priorities is and he's likely to answer "meeting production goals.” Finding a way to communicate – and exceed -- these goals across the production floor can be a struggle.

With Magnatag Visible Systems' Production Efficiency-Tracker(TM) magnetic printed whiteboard kit, production rates can now be charted and tracked hourly for a full 24 hour day and translated into 31-day and year-long graphic line-chart summaries. In just one glance, managers and employees can see not only if production goals are being met, but also performance figures and individual action assignments to assess and address production levels.

"This tool helps all workers in a facility see the production goals and performance of the entire shop or individual work station, but beyond that, it displays the data everyone needs to assess the reasons for performance levels and steps taken to address those factors,'' said Wally A. Krapf, founder and President of Magnatag Visible Systems. "When production starts to slip, the problem is identified right away, and in some cases, eliminated before it even starts.”

Customers already using the board say it allows them to clearly communicate production goals and assignments to everyone involved:

• "Production Efficiency-Tracker(TM) boards have helped us increase our productivity by 10% since we started using them. People need feedback. With these boards they can actually see the score of the game. If they don't they can only guess. Every minute is worth X number of cases in our production. When they fall short, they need to document the reasons" said one baked goods manufacturer in Rome, GA.

The 4' x 6' Production Efficiency-Tracker(TM) magnetic whiteboard system lets you track production goals, issues, and performance figures by the hour utilizing color-coded magnetic status signals, Happy-Sad(TM) management feedback magnets, and magnetic star attention symbols in five colors. The system includes dry-erase pens and markers in four colors, PreciseLine(TM) chart line tape and adhesive letter and number sets for graphing, as well as an 8 oz. pump-spray white board cleaner and conditioner, lint-free large board wipes, and a magnetic eraser/pen holder. Individual systems retail at $689. Volume pricing available.

About Magnatag® Visible Systems

Celebrating its 40th Anniversary, Magnatag Visible Systems is a leading manufacturer and direct provider of industrial-quality magnetic printed whiteboards and visible organizational tools for displaying information in the workplace. Magnatag has designed, patented, manufactured and directly furnished visible information display kits and products from its plant in Macedon, NY, to industry, business, government, institutions and organizations. With over 2,300 different task-specific kits, they enable managers across all industries to visibly organize, plan, schedule, track, update and communicate ongoing workplace activities 24/7 to everyone involved.
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