Proficy® Change Management for CNC


2008 GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms, a unit of GE Enterprise Solutions, announced Proficy® Change Management. This new solution reduces the risk and costs associated with unplanned downtime by automatically backing up and controlling centralized storage of critical CNC files. It also provides quick disaster recovery in the event a file is lost or corrupted on the machine tool because the availability of a current version of essential CNC files is ensured. Proficy Change Management for CNC has an automated compare function that detects when changes are made on the device to controlled files. This function can restore approved files and provide an email alert of the change. And, automated backup using the product’s Scheduler feature ensures that the most current copies of critical files are archived.“Change Management for CNC is open for customization with its innovative scripting language and HTML interface, so customers can completely tailor the product to their processes,” said Mark Brownhill, Machine Tool Software Solutions Product Manager for GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms. “And, aside from comprehensively supporting GE Fanuc’s CNC, PLC and HMI products, it supports a wide range of other global control products.”The central repository and deployment features ensure that all assets of the same type are operating under the same parameters, and approved changes can be systematically rolled out. Electronic signatures, audit trails and security features control access to the files and provide the documentation for regulatory compliance. And, version control features ensure that changes made by multiple approved users do not conflict.The product’s HTML interface simplifies the operation by providing a simple, graphical web-based interface to the commonly used functions, and reduces the learning curve for machine tool maintenance engineers. “This product will be critical in many industries that just cannot afford downtime on their machine tools,” continued Brownhill. “For instance, the automated backup feature with quick disaster recovery will be important in the Automotive industry where there is a tremendous cost associated with downtime. Security, audit trails and electronic signatures will prove extremely useful in Aerospace and Life Sciences where regulatory compliance is important.
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